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Unwanted subliminal prime

I’m working on an experiment to run online. One stage of the experiment consists of several trials. On each trial participants give their response followed by their confidence rating. Then they see someone else’s response, then they give their response again followed by their confidence rating in this second response. The two routines coding for participants’ confidence rating consist of a slider to input confidence from 0 to 100. Beneath confidence sliders I have a text component with $sliderConfC_1.getRating() for first confidence routine, and $sliderConfC_2.getRating() for second confidence routine, updated each frame which displays the confidence participants input.

Problem: Once participants start each confidence routine they see displayed for 0.2s or so ‘default text’ during first trial and the confidence rating number from former trial for the 2nd+ trials. It’s like participants’ ratings are primed with this quickly displayed previous rating which is a problem as I want participants to respond based on how confident they actually feel in the decision they provide in the current trial.

I tried setting the start time for the text component a 0.2s - 2s later but the prime still appears. I thought about making the text black for the first 0.2s (thus make prime invisible) than red, but I’m not sure how to implement that.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance.

link to demo

Update: I covered the rating with a black rectangle for the first 0.3s and the prime is not an issue any more.