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1 image 2 questions

Hi PsychoPy experts,
This is likely a simple question but I am new to PsychoPy so please forgive me. I have a series of images that I want to appear alongside a question followed by a rating. How can I get the image to remain on the screen for the question, the question then disappears, and the rating then appears?

Hi @AKMartin, you can achieve this using different onset and duration times for your stim, so that the offset of the text is followed by the onset of the slider/rating.

For your image, give it a blank (inifinite) duration. Set the onset time of your question to start at 1 second, and finish after one second. Then, set your slider to appear at 2 seconds, with an infinite duration i.e., end routine after response received. You just need to make sure you image, text and slider positions are set correctly i.e., text/slider not hidden behind image


I only want the slider rating to appear after the participant has responded to the question. Will your solution achieve this?

@AKMartin, would you be able to provide some more details about your method? E.g., what are the participants using to respond to the question?

They will answer the question “Did you see this image?”
They will respond [‘yes’ or ‘no’] coded as left and right button at the moment but this may change.
Then I would like the rating to appear (with the image still there). I will ask “How confident are you?”

The easiest solution is to create two routines in a loop. Both routines contain the image. In the first routine, the text is presented, and the keyboard response ends the routine, leading on to the second routine. The second routine has a Slider and a text question. The flow would look something like:


Thank you!!