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Unspecified JS error while piloting on pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
My experiment is working locally, but the error “unspecified javascript error” appear when i pilot it on pavlovia.
have you got any idea on how to solve it?

What Begin Experiment code do you have?

I meant from code components but I think you should upgrade to 2020.1.3

I forgot to say that my experiment worked perfectly (locally and on pavlovia) until i download MacOs Catalina

Did you create the experiment in Builder?

Did you add any variable components or code components? Did you write anything other than Excel column names in the fields of your other components

Yes it was created on the builder. I just add (and re-synchronise) a text variable (consent form) where the participant have to press space if they agree with the form.
No code component, and no other things in my excel list.