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Unspecified javascript error withouth sound stimuli

I am trying to pilot my psychopy experiment on pavlovia and i keep getting ‘unspecified javascript error’ after the first trial ends with a response. The experiment runs just fine in psychopy builder. I don’t have a sound stimuli which could have been a problem, so i don’t know what has gone wrong.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
This is the URL of the pilot experiment
The error occurs after the feerback routine gets executed and the experiment halts.

(upload:// (105.1 KB)

If your experiment works up to the feedback routine, please show the feedback and blank routines (especially any code components or custom aspects of other components)

Please could you delete your other copy of your question "Unspecified JavaScript error" in piloting online since it isn’t relevant to that thread?

Thanks for responding. I have removed the duplicated thread.
I tried to create a loop around by blank routine and set nRep as ‘’. this got rid of the’unspecified javascript error’ and my pilot experiment runs just fine. But its skips the blank routine and moves forward.
I am attaching the feedback loop and routine and the blank loop and routine

Why are you trying to present the blank routine " times?

If I add any other variable to nRep and give it a value 1, I still end up with unspecified javascript error. I used ‘’ since one of the solutions on the forum mentioned so.

Please could you link to that post since I can’t work out what it might mean?

If I understand you correctly you want to present a feedback only when the participant made an error, correct? If this is correct, use a variable that you set to 1 (present) or 0 (do not present) for nRep$. I use this to end the experiment if participants do not agree with the data processing regulations (GDPR).

if DatenKey.keys == "left":
    consent = 0
elif DatenKey.keys == "right":
    consent = 1

The stimulus presentation part of the experiment that follows the GDPR-routine is surrounded by a loop that runs consent-times, so 0 or 1 time. consent is being initialised the experiment begin.

Why do you use the blank-routine anyway? It does seem to do anything.

Cheers Jens