Unspecified Javascript Error, possibly something with getting framerate?

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/deblecourt/wmtdperceptiontask/
URL to code: C de B / WMTDPerceptionTask · GitLab


I’ve switched to PsychoPy 2020.2.2 and wanted to test my current code online. Earlier versions worked online (al least without producing this issue) and I’m not encountering issues in offline PsychoPy.
However, I get an Unspecified Javascript Error after all resources have been downloaded and continuing to the actual experiment. The debugger shows an error around this line in the code of util:


Here is a copy of the console:

I suspect it has something to do my request for the frame rate? I use the frame rate to determine the number of frames an image has to be presented.

Am I on the right track? And what should I do to avoid this error?

Removing expInfo[‘frameRate’] resulted in an error about .split not existing, but I’m not using that in my own code. Reverted back to the original version (with expInfo[‘frameRate’]). Still Unidentified Javascript Error, bur I’m getting different messages in the console:

The error happens in this part of my code (Test2):

// init psychoJS:
const psychoJS = new PsychoJS({
  debug: true

Final edit:
I solved it by reverting back to version 2020.1 - the same version this experiment was made in. The errors disappeared. You can set this in Experiment Settings → Use PsychoPy Version.

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