Unresponsive page near end of the experiment with version 3.2.0

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/Jordan_Gallant/accenttyping2/html/

Description of the problem: An error occurs in my experiment after all of the experimental trials and just before a short demographics questionnaire. It returns the following error message in the console:

loadContext: context lost


setting value of attribute seed in PsychoObject: TrialHandler as: undefined

This is a frustrating issue as I have participants essentially complete the entire experiment, only to have it crash before their data is stored. Please address this.

@apitiot, would you be able to take a look please?

Hello @unagi_pie,

I have tried to replicate your issue but seem unable to do so. Is it systematically experienced by all of your participants? Do you know which system there are using to run your experiment? I would be especially interested to know whether they are using their phones, or a tablet. The problem most probably has to do with the graphic card not being able to keep up with your experiment.

“setting value of attribute seed in PsychoObject: TrialHandler as: undefined” : this is just a warning and does not affect your experiment in any way.



Hi @apitiot

Thanks for your response. It is not all participants, nor does it seem to be particularly systematic. However, I have noticed more participants reporting issues with Chrome than other browser (but this may be because Chrome is very popular browser).

If it is the graphics card be overloaded that is the issue, is there a way I can adjust the code of the experiment to reduce strain on the graphics card?