Unrealistic response durations


For my experiment I need to assess the response durations from consecutive button presses and I usually do that simply with:
theseKeys = keyboard.getKeys(keyList=list, waitRelease=True)
and then store each key.duration at each frame.

This solution works on my laptop, it works well with the button box I am using in my behavioral facility but it produces absurd response durations (in the order of 0.5 ms) at the MEG facility I need to run the experiment at (always button box).

I am using the PsychToolbox backend at Psychopy 2022.2.3
I have no idea on how to even start to troubleshoot this problem.

Do you have suggestions???

Thank you very much in advance

Is the same version of PsychoPy installed at the MEG facility as on your laptop, and is it the same kind of button box between the two locations?

Psychopy version is the same but the button boxes are not. Those giving this problem are by CURRENT DESIGNS (two different models, same outcome). Any experience with those?

I’m not familiar I’m afraid, but do you have an example of Python code which definitely works with those devices? If you could share that along with the psyexp file / python script you’re using with PsychoPy then it would help give an idea of what the problem is

I could solve this issue by installing a new firmware, provided by the company itself after explaining the experimental needs of our lab.
If someone runs into a similar problem I can say that the support team of CURRENT DESIGN is helpful and responsive.

@TParsons thank you so much for your willingness to help :slight_smile: