Unknown variable in spreadsheet

URL of experiment: increasing_beat [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I have my experiment up and running and I have started collecting data. I downloaded this experiment off of pavlovia and altered it to contain sounds that I needed. Now I have got it working, and I see the data collected, I have a variable that changes for each participant so I know it is measuring something but I’m not too sure what. It is in the column end.rt, I have attached a participants example and they got 5.06 I am also a bit confused of the columns A-H is anyone could describe to me what they mean?

Many thanks
13082_increasing_beat_2022-01-17_16h02.00.644.csv (4.1 KB)

Hello hannahbarned

Do you have a keyboard-component end in a routine? end.rt is reaction of this keyboard-component. The first seven columns refer to a mouse-component that your are using in your experiment. I can’t tell what respSequence. I need a look at the relevant routine.

If you don’t want to save these variables you can set the keyboard-property data to “store nothing”.


The same holds for the mouse-component.

Best wishes Jens

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Hi Jens,

Thank you for getting back to me. I believe that could be a reaction time to ending the experiment then as they are asked to click the space bar at the end.

Could I provide you with anything to help you with respSequence?

respSequence has either been set in code or in a spreadsheet as the correct answer (for the mouse response)

Perfect. Thank you!

Is there a way of knowing what sequence they clicked the blocks in i.e. if their response was the same as the correct answer?

Isn’t that mouse.clicked_name?