Unknown resource HELP

Description of the problem: Hello. I’m getting this message when I try to run the experiment. i checked everything and still nothing works. any ideas? also why are there // and not just /? can this be the problem?
thank you very much!

Online you need to use / not \

The issue is that \ is a special character online known as escape. For example \n means new line. If you actually want to print a \ you need to use \.

Thank you! but it did it automatically. I uploaded it regularly and used the image component. how can I change it?

Please could you show what you’ve got in the image component in Builder and your spreadsheet?

I’m just changing a few things. and if I still have a problem I will reach out. thank you! But I have another question. was something changed on the builder? I have a code that no longer works on JS.

Between which versions? What code or error? Please check the forum for key words.


i’m attaching the code that does not work now. the number of the bottom right should go up until 3 and then move on to the next screen but it does not anymore. any ideas? THANK YOU!
(it is only a portion of my experiment, not that a participant number should be entered in order for it to run)
test.psyexp (806.8 KB)