Unexpected token '*' - Uncaught SyntaxError

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Hi all! When I try to run the experiment on Pavlovia, I got the below error

I located the line in the JS script

Does anyone know which part of the code was causing the error? If the error is not on line 7432, is there any suggestion on how to locate the error? Thanks!

Are you sure that you’re looking at line 7432 in the correct file? Try clicking on the line number in the error message. Your error suggests to me that you might have import • from … somewhere. Are you trying to use any Python libraries?

Hi, I found the reason. I changed the javascripts in the builder mode of PsychoPy to fix that error, but I didn’t sync the JS files on Pavlovia. That’s why I kept getting the error messages.