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Undefined images in online study

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: In each trial of my study I briefly present two images, and then participants provide responses on several slider measures. The images are specified in one of two condition files. The study works fine locally, and all the measures work online, but the images aren’t presented. The debugger says the image is undefined, but the JS file shows it’s reading the correct condition file, and calling the right variable to ID each image. The first time I synced the project, the stimuli folder didn’t copy over, so I got an error message similar to this post (Unknown Resource Image File). I manually copied the folder into the resource folder and re-synced the project. I don’t get any error messages now that stop the study, but the images never appear.

I’ve tried clearing history, re-syncing, and checking the code, but can’t seem to see where the problem is. Any help would be much appreciated.


@KDaughters, I think the issue may be with how your position is defined for your images. The issue is how lists are imported online, they are imported as string, not array. So, I would instead set each x, y coordinate individually using the spreadsheet. In your image stim:

pos: $[tPosX, tPosY] 

In your conditions file, create those columns with the x,y coordinates.

Great! That’s fixed the problem.

Many thanks!