Unable to close fullscreen at the end of experiment

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/DenizYardimci/temporal-error-monitoring-and-musicianship/html (This is a version of the experiment w/ fewer trials.)

Description of the problem: After finishing the last routine and clicking OK on the dialogue box, the screen freezes, unable to close fullscreen and I need to turn off the computer with the power button. This problem occurs in Chrome but not in Edge.

OS: Win10
PsychoPy version: 2020.1.3
Standard Standalone? : Yes
Code: Builder w/ code components (some suggested by @wakecarter’s wonderful cribsheet and some for mouse icon visibility)

Hi all! :relaxed:
I am very much a beginner (esp. in JS) in a time crunch and I dearly appreciate your help. I will post the errors given in both browsers’ consoles for comparison:

Chrome JS Console:
The end of the experiment:

log4javascript.min.js:1 INFO unknown | [PsychoJS] Flush server logs.
**log4javascript.min.js:1 WARN unknown | Unable to close fullscreen.**
BrowserConsoleAppender.append @ log4javascript.min.js:1
Appender.doAppend @ log4javascript.min.js:1
Logger.callAppenders @ log4javascript.min.js:1
Logger.log @ log4javascript.min.js:1
warn @ log4javascript.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ core-2020.1.js:654

Common Errors in Both Consoles (I am unsure what is irelevant versus irrelevant, apologies):

WARN unknown | setting the value of attribute: size in PsychObject: experiment_instruction_text as: undefined (and other similar warnings)
BrowserConsoleAppender.append @ log4javascript.min.js:1
WARN unknown | setting the value of attribute: seed in PsychObject: TrialHandler as: undefined

Thank you!
Deniz Y

It was solved with the latest update to Java and a restart!

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