Ubuntu20.04 install

Dear psychopy users

I have tried a number of things to make psychopy work on ubuntu 20.04 (and 18.04) running as a guest in virtualbox and none resulted in a working psychopy.

I have tried anaconda, pip3 install , “developer install” …

anyway, I thought maybe someone who happen to have a working psychopy (any version released in the past 4 years) could perform

pip3 list
dpkg -l

and post the results of the two commands .
If you have ubuntu as a guest in virtual box, could you also tell the version of virtualbox used.

Hopefully, this way I will be able to produce a working system…

The best outcome I have so far is when after 3-4 tries, the stimulus starts up and runs. most of the time, I just get a flash of gray screen without any error messages…

Thank you very much