TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON

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I had a task that was running completely fine for multiple participants. A participant just reached out to me and informed me of an error at the end of the task. I ran the task myself and encountered the same error. This is bizarre since I did not modify the task whatsoever and the error arose without me modifying anything. The error is below and I have included a picture as well.

TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON → starting at object with constructor ‘PsychoJS’ | property ‘_logger’ → object with constructor ‘Logger’ — property ‘_psychoJS’ closes the circle

Any recommendation on how to resolve or what to do next?

Update: I deleted my project and recreated it and pushed my code to the newly created project and now it’s working fine. I lost 17 participants but the task is working now. I don’t know what the issue was. If anything with PsychoPy or Pavlovia knows, that would be great!

Here’s a solution for a similar error


Hey— Thanks. I saw the first of those posts and it seems the issue suggests that it would be resolved if I found a variable that was named the same for two different variables right? But I couldn’t find anything like that.

Moreover, the issue was fixed when I completely deleted the project and recreated the project. Do you happen to have any explanation or thoughts on why that might be? It seems potentially incongruent or different with the above two issues and solutions if recreating the project resolved it right?