TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toString')

URL of experiment: problems [PsychoPy] (please type participant 16)

Description of the problem: Hi, I’m not sure what’s going on as I can’t seem to find in my experiment where toString is even relevant to. The weird thing is that sometimes this error pops up and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it does pop up, it seems to be at different parts of the experiment every time.

I suspect it has something to do with me setting different colours of the background depending on the trial, as this does not seem to be working either, and there seems to be something to do with hex to string in the js code?

Hi @alexisaylow, when I try to run your experiment I get unable to download resource: blank.wav (Decoding audio data failed.).

This is odd, I can’t seem to replicate it (cleared cache right before running it just in case). It might be a clue though, so thanks for trying!

I’ve just edited the file so that blank.wav is not actually blank, but has a small amount of sound - would you mind quickly seeing if the error is still there? Thank you!

Oh wow, I think that might actually have been the problem, the experiment seems to run alright now (or rather, there’s a different bug, but this one seems to be solved). Thank you so much.

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Glad to have helped by doing nothing :smiley: Cool, that you could fix it!