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Type Error Cyclic Object value

URL of experiment:
(it is a longer version, i only get the error after my second instruktion)

Description of the problem *

Type: Error cyclic object value

I tried to aktualize the condition files and did a new upload.
Thanks for your help (i know i got a lot of questions, but it is my first time with Psychopy and alll programming languages.)

Please link the GitLab repository and make it public (in your experiment dashboard, click on view code, copy the link for that page, then settings -> general -> permissions).

The issue seems to be something in the “begin routine” function of the trial perspHauDrei. Do you have a code component on that trial and if so what does it look like?

Hi, thanks for your help, i hope this is the right link.

Lisa D.

This is the line in question:


Sicht is the name of a column in one of your condition files, but you also named one of the text components in a different trial Sicht. So, rather than pulling the value from the column of the condition file, which is what you intended, it’s instead referencing that other text component, which is generating the error.

The solution is to rename either the other text component or the column.

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Thanks, i think naming was the problem. I made a complete new Experiment and really carefully named everything. The new one is working.
Thanks a lot for your help !!!