Trying to run experiment online, but receiving "unexpected token , in .js"

I am running windows 10 with the latest psychopy version

I am trying to pilot my experiment online. However; each time I run it, the runner shows me
ERROR Line 203: Unexpected token , in MDS16IMTDMTV1.js
ERROR Line 192: Unexpected token , in MDS16IMTDMTV1-legacy-browsers.js
I am using the new textbox and it is showing the errors for the text box that is editable. When I delete the textbox from the routine, it just goes to the next editable textbox. I have no clue what to do, if anyone could help Iā€™d appreciate it. MDS16IMTDMTV1.psyexp (115.4 KB)

Hi! I recently had a similar issue. It seems if you leave the text field of a Text or Textbox component empty, there is some error when generating the javascript syntax. The solution is to put a blank space in all your textboxs that start empty. I checked with your experiment and it seems to work, but it gives me other error (Fatal unknown | null), which I think may be related to using None values for color and layout properties of some of your Textboxs, but I am not completely sure.

Hope that helps!


Thank you! I will try your changes and try messing with the color boxes :slight_smile:

Oh my god thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for this! A space, a blooming space was all that I was missing!!!