Builder-only Experiment has error - unexpected token "," in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: This is a counterbalanced experiment with multiple wordlists so I’ve managed to run the exact same code on Pavlovia with no errors over the past few months. For some reason, I’ve come across new errors when trying to create this experiment. I updated PsychoPy to the latest version as a result, but this has only helped with syncing issues.

It seems like the error might be around the completion URL? It points out line 132 or 122 as the issue with an unexpected token “,” and also has a 404 error.

Any help is much appreciated.

Text components can’t be empty (any more). Make them have a single space instead.

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Thank you! This helped with the 404 error.

I also had to change the syntax for the completed URL. Previously it was noted with $“URLhere” but now I just entered it without the dollar sign and quotes and it runs and redirects the user fine.

If you are passing a variable then it needs to be:


If you have a static URL then it should just be the URL.

Hi there - l am also having this error, on a programme that ran fine before my only minor changes. l’m not up to speed with coding, so any chance of an idiot-proof explanation of what l need to do? all that changed about the programme was repeating some routines and adding a loop, that level of editing. thanks

Have you looked at Anastasia Sares’ quick start guide and my crib sheet?

No - l will try that; thankyou!

and it seems it was empty text components, as you mentioned above (for some reason l read that as a more complicated thing than it was). Thanks!