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Trouble reading audio from files

specs: Mac OS 10.13.5 (High Sierrra), PsychoPy v1.90.3 (standard standalone)

I’m brand new to PsychoPy and trying to put together an AX discrimination task. I am running into an issue where the program plays a constant tone instead of the sound file it’s directed to. This seems to happen regardless of what computer I’m on (my desktop is above, also tried on a laptop), where the sound files are, and what experiment I try to run. I have tried including the full filepath in the conditions file, but that didn’t help.

For example, the Mac version of the AX discrimination task linked here just plays this sound, for every single trial.

Any clue what’s going on? I’m working in builder but am comfortable with Python, so a fix that requires scripting is fine too…

Please provide a screenshot of your sound component dialing box.

Hi Michael, here they are. (Everything can be downloaded from the link in the original post.)