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Trial feedback for double response

What are you trying to achieve?:
I have 3 trial types:
Single - participants make 1 key response
Double - participants make 2 key responses
Stop - participants withhold all key responses

For each trial type I want to give participants feedback during practice.
I have managed to do this for the single and stop trials, but it is not working for the double trials.

What did you try to make it work?:
For the double trials I couldn’t find any guidance so just tried typing 2 keys on the .csv file but I feel like this may need to be done in code?
I did find the following but it confused me a little as I don’t want my key presses to force the end of the routine:!topic/psychopy-users/eZfR77Bn8vA

Yes, the first step is not to force end routine on a keypress. The second step is to compare with what you consider the right answer. The issue is that this is ambiguous. If there are several answers what happens if:

  • some of the keys are correct? Is that OK?
  • what if all the answers are there but in wrong order, does that matter?
  • what if all the answers are there, and in right order, but more added as well?

You’d need a code component (like the components in the feedback routine of extended stroop) to test yoru conditions

Thanks @jon

I already have code for the single and stop trials based on what is stored as $corrAns in my .csv files, and they work perfectly because there is only 1 correct button press.
The issue I’m having here is that for the double trials, participants have to press 2 keys, and they need to press both (no exceptions as it’s a very simple response) in order to receive correct feedback.
So while I have the code in place, I can’t seem to find a way of storing both the keys in the $corrAns section.