Transporting multiple events on the same slider

Hello, everyone,
I am trying to set up an experiment in which subjects can click on certain events (entered as text), presented simultaneously on the screen, and transport them on a slider (values from 0 to 80).
What I am interested in is the exact value associated with the event and how the events are placed in relation to each other. So also on the slider I would like to have all events simultaneously.
I had thought of writing the events in different colours and once they are transported and released on the slider, a circle of the colour of the event remains above the slider. So eventually the subjects will see the events as text at the top and circles with the same colour as the events on the slider.

Is this possible with psychopy? (4.2 KB)

I solved the problem with this script. I simply created a box to which I associated values and inserted lines inside the box to act as markers.