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Tracing geometrical shape using mouse

Dear Sir

I wish to develop an online version of Group embedded figure test which is a paper-pencil test.

In this test, a predefined simple geometrical shape is required to be located within a complex geometrical shape and lines making simple form to be traced using pen/pencil.

This test is timed and scoring is done on the basis of number of correct figures identified.

Is it possible using psytoolkit to develop experimental task in that manner in which participants may trace simple form within complex form using mouse and correct responses may be recorded as correct and incorrect?

Please help me.

Thank you.

You can use the “brush” component to allow the participant to draw on the screen with the mouse. Also insert a “mouse” component, set to save the mouse state “on every frame” to record the mouse movement in the data file.

Deciding on whether a mouse-drawn response is correct or not, however, is a very complex question. That could even call for a machine learning approach and PsychoPy doesn’t have anything like that built in. You’d need to consult an expert on that.