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Trail making test

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do a trail making test. But I have no idea where to start.

I want to do something like that : i

I was thinking maybe the color of the circle could change if the participant touch with the mouse the right number… For exemple, 1 and then 2, so green. But if he touches an other circle it should store an error…

What do you think ? It is something possible to do ?

Thanks for your ideas!

Yes. Look through similar posts, such as these:

Thanks! I looked at the two posts, but i’m not sure how to do it.

I created an excel file like them.conditions.xlsx (33.9 KB)

I’m not sure what to write in the code section. Because, I don’t only want to know if the participant touched the good circle first, I want him to know right away if he did the good or the wrong thing and I also need to keep in the log this information.

I was thinking maybe it’s easier to write a comment after every time the participant touches the mouse if he has the good answer. If I do like that, I will not need the green and red circles…

My question is I don’t know how to tell the code that cercle1 need to be touched first…


Hello vmp,
please did you get through the Trail making test task?
Im trying to do mine as well. If you dont mind sharing the script for it that would be fantastic.

@vmp and @Vera_Kristyna_Jandac, here is something to get you started (attached). It has the basic functionality of a trail making task, linking circles in the order that they contained the mouse.

trialMaker.psyexp (11.7 KB)

@vmp and @Vera_Kristyna_Jandac, please I wish to find out if you were able to to complete the task? If yes, I would be grateful if you can share it with me. I’m actually stuck and I really don’t know how to move further with the basic one that has uploaded by @dvbridges. Thank you

To get useful responses, you really need to ask a specific question that can be answered. i.e. what exactly are you trying to do, and what exactly goes wrong with it?

It can also be very useful to upload screenshots of your flow panel and other key information, plus provide any custom code that might be relevant.