Time sensitive data recovery

I’m trying to recover data for one experiment involved in my dissertation, @thomas_pronk is there any way to get access to it sooner than the 19th? I understand there may not be. Normally a few more days wouldn’t be an issue but I need it to wrap up my document for submission (hard deadline 3/24) in order to graduate this semester. Thought I had a more recent pull of the data but evidently not for this one.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Clay,

I hate to say this, but we don’t have any access to the data; we need to wait until those servers are restarted again. Sorry for the bad news.

Best, Thomas

Hey Thomas,

No worries - I thought that might be the case but figured I should double-check. Thanks for the quick answer!


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Hey @thomas_pronk @jon - I hear some servers aren’t coming back on until at least Monday. I have data for one whole experiment currently missing and have to turn in my dissertation document Wednesday, March 24th. Is there any other avenue to get access to that data or get an absolutely certain time that it will come back online? I won’t be able to graduate if I don’t have it by Wednesday.

I wish there was; so long as that server isn’t started up, we don’t have access. I’m sorry.

Hey again. While we can’t speed it up, we can inform you as soon as something relevant happens, I just made a post about that: How to stay informed about our progress in restoring Pavlovia