thisExp.addData Output Saving

Win 10, Psychopy 2022.2.3

I’m having a problem printing a value in a column in the output data. I want the button clicked by the mouse to appear in the ‘estimate’ column cell. This column was defined in the Excel spreadsheet conditions. Is there a place in Psychopy that enables or disables the thisExp.addData ? It’s not saving anything! Absolutely nothing!

if mouse.isPressedIn(A):
resposta = ‘A’
num = 1

elif mouse.isPressedIn(B):
resposta = ‘B’
num = 2

thisExp.addData(‘estimativa’, num)

Try saving different things. It might be that PsychoPy doesn’t like num as a variable name. See if you can save the value for resposta. You can also try print(‘estimativa’, num) to see what comes up in the runner log

It didn’t change anything. The estimate column still does not receive values. I changed the name of the variable, changed it to print… the experiment works, but nothing appears in the column. When I request that the value of the variable be printed on the screen, via the text element, it works normally. I just need the data file columns to receive the values ​​of the variables. Just that.