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There is a problem after running experiment: No module named 'psychtoolbox'

I recently install stand alone version of psychopy and paython.
Now, i create an experimental with PsychoPy v.3.1.0 builder.
I want to teach students L2 words in three different ways by the PsychoPy. My experiment consist of three trial and also three loop.
I arrange these according to the existed rules, But a long warning and error are showed after running the experiment. The first one is : There is a problem after running experiment: No module named ‘psychtoolbox’.
Woud you please help me? Does any additional software need to install?

HI @raheasman, can you please copy and paste the whole error message?

Of course, yes. I send two picture of this long error.

and this is a picture of my experiment flow. :point_down:

Thank you

Thanks @felipeviegas. The psychtoolbox message is actually just a warning, it means you have not got the recent psychtoolbox module, but your keyboard will still work. You would ideally install the latest version of PsychoPy (3.1.2) to get the latest low latency Psychtoolbox keyboard module.

The actual error relates to the format of the files you are trying to play in psychopy. I think you need to use the Pyo backend to get flac files working ,alternatively, change the format to a wav file, or .ogg.

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Really! I thought this warning was more important than an flac format error.
Are you sure that the wav or ogg files are readable.Yesterday, I changed the mp3 format to flac files because of recommondation of this site. By the way thanks so much, I will change my material according to your reccomendation. I hope it works.
I will announce the result.
Again, thank you

I am not sure about what I did, but you’re welcome!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Ha, oh dear :smile:

I run the simple experiment with only one sound, like this :point_down:

i do it twice with .ogg and .wav, but there are errors in both of them

would you please help me with these simple experiments?

Hi @raheasman, how did you convert your files to wav? Also, would you mind sharing this minimal example with files?

I use VLC media player to convert the .mp3 format to .wav format. After converting, I run the .wav file seperately, this file is readable by each player. But it is not work in PsychoPy.

Here is the ‘.wav sound file’

and ‘.psyexp’
test-video.psyexp (3.2 KB)

Sorry, I cannot access the wav file. Does your wav file play in VLC after you have created it? Also, can you try this file and see if you get the error?

yes, it does.
I use your file, the experiment run without any error. So what is the problem. I really confused!
Maybe it is the result of converting software (VLC player). I will convert the .mp3 file to .wav format by other converting software. Then I will announce the result here. I hope it will solve my problem.
Thank you.

I convert the file by another software. I use othe software to convert file. The experiment run without any error with the new created .wav file.
thanks so much.
I have a problem about implementation of a new experiment, can i ask it here, or i must create another topic?

Great. Best to create a new post for a different problem.