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The staircase procedures have been made some problems

I am using the stairhandler to design my experiments,there are still tricky problems with the display time of the target. When the reversal point at the threshold, the target can’t refresh synchronize with the screen. It is said that the target display time was 1/120hz that was subliminal, but we can notice the target clearly.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot!

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Maybe the issue is that you’re trying to change the image on the screen too fast for your screen to be able to present it? Is there somebody more “technical” around that could help you locally?

You know for brief stimuli to present for a certain number of screen refreshes, right? Don’t try and request a fixed number of seconds for very brief stimuli because it’s less precise and makes you think that certain very brief times are possible when they aren’t. All this is covered in depth in the Building Experiments in PsychoPy book