The countdown does not end

I have an experiment that has a fixation point and once the fixation point is over it starts a countdown from 1000 to 0.
My problem is that when I add the fixation point, the countdown starts indefinitely even though I set the countdown to last 1 second. When I don’t put the fixation point, the countdown works correctly

I do not know what is happening. I appreciate any help.

My code:
Begin Routine

task_timer = core.CountdownTimer(1) # duration in seconds.

Each frame

time_left = task_timer.getTime()
msecs = int(time_left%1*1000)
text_clock.text= str(int(msecs))



I solved it, I share the code that I used in case it is useful for someone.

each frame:

if time_left <= 0.0:
    continueRoutine = False