Countdown with a fixation point

Dear all,
I want to present a 1000 millisecond countdown that people have to stop as fast as possible (psycomotor vigilance task).
A fixation point is presented before the countdown to hold attention and the same point appears after the countdown to do a 4-second trial. I have built the countdown from 1000 to 0 but when I add the fixation point stimuli the countdown goes from 56000 to 0. I don’t understand what is going on. Please help me!

My code:
Begin Routine

task_timer = core.CountdownTimer(1) # duration in seconds.

Each frame

time_left = task_timer.getTime()
msecs = int(time_left%60*1000)
text_clock.text= str(int(msecs))



Try taking out the %60. Since you are counting down from 1 second you don’t need to deal with converting to minutes and seconds.