TextStim sees screen width too narrow

I am new to psychopy and pygaze.
We use draw_text from pygaze (disptype set to ‘psychopy’), which in turn calls TextStim.
(See e.g. https://github.com/esdalmaijer/PyGaze/blob/b40c4e19cc379379928648820e6506a0d1eebefc/pygaze/_screen/psychopyscreen.py#L571 for one version of the pygaze code. Maybe I have a different source of pygaze but this call to TextStim is identical.)

The effect I see is that the text, centered on screen, gets automatically wrapped to about 1/3 of the width of my screen. The “\n” characters in the text get ignored, only “\n\n” are honoured.

pygaze calls TextStim with wrapWidth=None

When I modify pygaze to wrapWidth=10000, I get the effect I was hoping for: text spreads unwrapped as far as needed, also beyond the display width.

I do not want to rely on hacking pygaze this way. Would you know what is the correct way to make TextStim know the correct width of the screen; or perhaps preferably interpret None as no limit, no wrapping at all?

My colleague fixed this in our separate repo of pygaze, so pip-install this:
instead of pygaze.