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Limit on TextStim height in v1.85.2

There seems to be a strange limit on the height of a visual.TextStim() that will be displayed in PsychoPy 1.85.2.

Here’s an example:

from psychopy import core, visual

win = visual.Window([1920, 1080], fullscr=True, allowGUI= False, units = "height")

# make the text
t1 = visual.TextStim(win, text = "0.02", height = 0.02, pos = [-0.2,0], color = "black")
t2 = visual.TextStim(win, text = "0.04", height = 0.04, pos = [-0.1,0], color = "black")
t3 = visual.TextStim(win, text = "0.06", height = 0.06, pos = [0.1,0], color = "black")
# this last one doesn't display
t4 = visual.TextStim(win, text = "0.08", height = 0.08, pos = [0.3,0], color = "black")

#draw the text

# flip the window

# wait 2s

When I run this the final TextStim (“0.08”) doesn’t display. These issues started after I updated from 1.84.2. My OS is Win7, if that’s relevant.

Everything displays fine on my Linux Mint 18.1 machine running PsychoPy 1.83.04

UPDATE: I’ve now posted an issue on Github as I’m pretty sure that this is a genuine ‘bug’ and not just me.

I agree it’s a genuine bug. I’m not sure yet whether it’s our bug or a problem in pyglet (I have a feeling it’s the latter)

Update: this looks like an issue in the pyglet library. Upgrading that to 1.3.0b1 has been reported to solve the problem:

im using the latest version of pyglet (1.4.0a1), but still cant use height over 100…
any ideas?

No, I don’t know. Last time it was a problem with pyglet and my guess is that it still is, but it was working fine on version 1.3.0b1 so I suggest you install that. Let us know if it’s still a problem afterwards.