Text Stimulus with completed and remaining trials

URL of experiment:
H&H Project 2_7 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I am trying to create a text stimulus that is embedded within a loop that tells my participants to take a short break and how many trials they have completed/have left to complete.

I currently have the following in the text stimulus:

$'Please take a 2 minute break. \n\n Number of blocks completed = ’ + str(trials_X.thisN + 1) + ', \n number to go = ’ + str(trials_X.nRemaining + 1) + ‘\n\nPress SPACE BAR to continue.’

Within my loop there is a smaller loop with its conditions set as $blocks, which reads from the files of the larger loop’s parameters (which are spreadsheets themselves). This is to randomize trials with different types of auditory stimuli.

trials_X is the name of the larger loop.

This “break message” worked fine on the Builder View, but once I tried to run the experiment on Pavlovia I ran into issues. First, I had to change str to String, because for some reason the Python was not being translated into Javascript. Once I made this change, the message regarding how many trials completed/how many trials left appeared, but had the incorrect numbers. See below:

The numbers after Number of trials completed and remaining do not change regardless of how far along I am in the experiment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi There,

Please can I clarify if this is a separate issue to the one reported here? Adding breaks between trials and how many trials they have left