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Conditional Loops

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Can’t exit loop in online experiment. I want the participants to be able to end a loop of flashed stimuli by pressing the spacebar. I know this is a problem lots of people have been having. I’ve tried a lot of the approaches others have taken. For example:
stimuli.finished = True/ stimuli.finished = true (actual loop name)
trials.finished = true (generic loop name)
ContinueRoutine = false
skipThisTrial = true

And various combinations. What’s the go-to approach? Thanks!

I can’t access your code by this link; maybe others can.
I think we will need more details about the loop before we can help. Is it a for loop? A while loop? How many routines are inside your loop?
For example, if you are in Builder and you put continueRoutine in a code element, it will only quit out of the routine, and not out of a trial loop that you have put around it.

I resolved this. I followed Loop.finished=true No longer working ,
but had to make sure that none of my loops were named ‘trials’ .

I think PsychoPy reserves some variable names for its own internal workings; for example it’s a bad idea to use things like thisTrial or thisLoop.