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Text stimulus does not appear

URL to experiment: gap_effect_manual [PsychoPy]

I have created an experiment in the Builder and put it onto Pavlovia.
Everything works fine, except in my trials, where the target itself simply does not appear (a text stimulus comprising of simply a dot •). This occurs only when running online; the targets appear when I run the experiment on my device.

I do not understand what could be wrong here. I have attached the target’s properties here:

target_side refers to a column in my excel file with locations like (0.35, 0).
target_placeholder is a stimulus that appears for a specified duration.
Weirdest thing is, the key responses I allow DO effectively force the end of each trial routine, and they are only allowed if the target.status == STARTED. So the program knows that the target is there…it just isn’t appearing.

Thanks in advance.

Units can be an issue, if they differ between online and locally. Have you defined them explicitly, or are you relying on defaults? e.g. 0.1 pixels can be invisible, while 0.1 in norm or height units is quite large.

Hi Michael, my units are in ‘height.’ I also have a central stimulus that also has a height of 0.1 and it appears just fine, though its location is (0,0). Could it be my target’s locations? Maybe somehow they are different online? Though I thought the “height” units setting should fix that…

Test it at a constant value (0, 0) and see.

This also might act as a check of whether the result of evaluating your target_side variable differs in JavaScript vs Python. e.g. does that variable contain square or round brackets? If that is where the problem lies, it might be better to avoid evaluating, and just split that into two variables, and refer to them explicitly like this:

[target_side_x, target_side_y]

Changing the position to square brackets in the excel sheet worked! Thank you.