Text position layout don't match my value

I’m having some issues with the text placement and layout. I have two text stimuli appearing below an image, both are linked to responses from a mouse. My problem is that the location layout doesn’t match what I entered when I run the experiment both offline and online; in fact one text stimulus matches my value, but the other doesn’t (appears a bit below my value of -0.30). I think this problem may be due to a bug. How do you think I can fix it?

Thank you in advance

Please could you show screen shots of the issue and your visual components?

Thanks @wakecarter for your reply.

These are the value position I put in text option

This is how it works, as I described before text stimuli aren’t in the right position.

I report how my routine looks like

Finally, I’d just like to say that all other trials similar to this one work fine, without any problems.

I think you have a “hard return” in your NON VIVENTE text so the text has been moved up to accommodate the second line.

Do you have a reason to reset the coordinates each repeat? If not, then it would be better for them to be constant.

Thanks again for your time. I tried to change it, but it doesn’t work. I also tested if my text (NON VIVENTE) is too long and if it could be the problem, but it is not. I changed the text with a minor one and the problem persist.

Please could you upload your psyexp file?

Yes, I hope I uploaded it correctly.

AND.psyexp (22.3 KB)