Text length limitation on online version?

dear all,

i am working on a task in which participants need to answer to a word or a sentence presented in the center of the screen (categorization task).

The experience is perfectly running offline. On pavlovia, I am experiencing a weird bug. If the length of the word is higher than 14 character, pavlovia will only show me the first 14 characters (and “cut” characters starting from position 15). E.g: the stimulus “en situation de crise” is shown “en situation d”. Or “preoccupé par la situation” is shown "preoccupé par ". The stimuli are specified in a csv file.

The problem persists when I reduce text size (with is normalized through the experiment). This make me conclude that it’s not related to the general size of the stimulus, but to another variable that I am missing somewhat. Finally, I have this problem only during the behavioral task, and not on instruction or ending screens… which is also quite weird.

Did you already experience such bug? Any idea how to solve it?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: