Text element always displays "default text" instead of text from data file (PsychoPy3 run on Pavlova)

I have an experiment with a video prime and then a text probe. The video and text change on each trial. The video updates fine from trial to trial, but the text always displays “default text.” This only happens when piloting online through Pavlovia. It runs fine through the Builder.

In the .js file, the text property of the text element is set to “default text”, but when I manually change it to probe (the name of the column in the data csv), the experiment crashes with an error indicating that the variable probe isn’t defined. I’m confused by this because the prime variable (for the video primes) isn’t defined in the script, but the primes work fine.

I’m new to js, PychoPy, and Pavlovia, but pretty good in Python. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi There,

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to access your project from the link there - would you mind resending the link to the gitlab page from the view code option on your experiment page?


Thank you Becca!

I’m not sure where to get a public link from GitLab, but I edited the link in the original post. I think I may have solved the problem though. It looks like the text component was initialized prior to the program reading the trial data from the csv. When the component was initialized, it’s text property was set to ‘default text’. Later, at the start of the trials, the csv is read and the movie component’s movie property is set to the column of the table that holds the movie prime locations, but the text component’s text property is never set. I inserted a line there to change the text property and it seems to be working now.

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Fantastic you found the solution there.

For futre RE sharing gitlab code the project may need to be public in visability settings to share it :slight_smile:
Pleased you sorted your problem!