Text Component - Outputing links

I am trying to understand the best way of outputing text containing links.

By way of introductions - I am still
new to the world of psychopy, using mainly Builder, and Pavlovia to build psychology
experiments. I have not much experience with adding python code or JS yet but
willing to learn.

The Text component appears to just output strings.

What I want to do is embed a link as part of the introductory text to my experiment
containing a hyperlink to more information. To give some context, this is actually a link to full information relating to a full version of the Consent form.

Also I wonder if there is any way of outputing HTML text or justified text?

In general it seems to me that it would be desirable if Text Component could output hypertext and then formatting and links etc would just fall out. Maybe that is
possible using another function or by dropping into Python or JS. But I am just finding my way with all of this as a new comer. Any tips or tricks or good example code to look at welcome.
Thanks in advance for any answers/tips or tricks
University of Bristol

I wonder if I posted this in the wrong place - I did not get any replies?


The text component presents text stimuli as quickly as possible. Interpreting formats and CSS may make the text component too slow for proper timing.

If you want some formatting for instructions aso., take a look at the VESPR Study Portal VESPR Study Portal and other VESPR tools offline

Best wishes Jens