'Default Text' Issues and also Undefined names issues

So I’ve been coding in Builder and I am recently coming into several different problems.

Firstly I was having an issue with my components not reading my data sheet. 1_block1.csv (14.9 KB)

I have attached one of them above. I was using different data sheets before, but had to reformat them, and now they seem to not be working. The data doesn’t get read into psychopy, it just displays default text. It then also does not play the sound in the folder either (but it doesn’t crash, it just doesn’t play). Interestingly though, when I sync the experiment with Pavlovia, the text items come up completely fine, but then the sound files make the whole experiment crash. I’m assuming it must have something to do with my data files being bad? But I’m not sure.

I’m totally at a loss right now, so any help would be useful.


What code are you using to assign values from the .csv to the text component? Have you set the value of the text component to $question or have you used a Code component to assign text.text = question?