Syntax error regarding the start of components

I received the following error message and haven’t been able to figure out the solution:
“if ISI_1.status == NOT_STARTED and $sound1_1.status==FINISHED”

This is a sound (AX) discrimination task where a participant decides whether two stimulus are the same or different. My routine consists of a fixation for 1 sec, sound1, inter-stimulus interval for 500 ms, sound 2, and key response. As each sound file has different duration, I used “$[component name].status==FINISHED” for the start of the components after sound 1, which seems to be the cause of the error…

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Why are you using a $ in front of sound1_1? Is this in a code component?

Thank you very much for your comment! The issue has been solved by removing $s. I saw an example, $myMovie.status==FINISHED, in one of PsychoPy pages and somehow assumed that a $ was necessary. I appreciate your time.