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Stimulus didn't start immediately after audio component, even with .status==FINISHED entered

PsychoPy version (v2021.2.3)
Standard Standalone? (y)

Hi all. I am building an audio-visual priming experiment in which an image file (i.e., target word) appears immediately after a sound file (i.e., prime), with a SOA of 0ms, and subjects make lexical decision on the keyboard. In order to do that, I made the audio file (name: praAudio) start from 0 and left the Stop duration blank, I put praAudio.status==FINISHED in the Start condition of the image (as well as the key_response component), and made the Stop duration blank. I also included an image component as the background picture for audio playing (starts from 0 and stops with the condition praAudio.status==FINISHED). Please see screenshots below.

However, instead of moving onto the target word presentation, the program stuck after the first audio is played (it didn’t crash but just stays at the background image without going on). I think the condition .status==FINISHED is not functioning. I once made the audio stop at 2s, and the program flowed fine, but that’s not what I want.

Any information will be deeply appreciated!

How about putting the sound file in a separate routine so you can start all the other components at 0.

If the background is causing an issue then you could start and stop that in code so it doesn’t stop the sound routine ending.

(I’m not sure why the conditional start isn’t working for you)