Sync BIOPAC (AcqKnowledge) with JavaScript Psychopy

Hey everyone,

My lab is running a task through the internet browser (JavaScript) and we need to synchronize AcqKnowledge with the task to record the fEMG activity. We have an MP36R unit from BIOPAC. We are lost as we believe we might need a code for this to synchronize. Does anyone have any idea how we could do this?
Thank you in advance.
PS: If further details are needed, I am happy to provide them.

Hi There,

I have not used these devices myself but one question would be - why does the task need to run in browser as opposed to in the local python version (I ask because PsychoPy has options for interacting with hardware locally but not online, because we see less situations where people want to use hardware remotely)


Hey Becca,
The task was coded through JavaScript as we want the task to be easily accessible and completed by multiple subjects from their home. Otherwise, we definitely would have coded the task through Python with PsychoPy.
We need the fEMG information to validate part of the task that does facial emotion recognition via video input (built into the task).

Ah sorry in that case I am afraid I am not familiar with how to send triggers via a web interface, as that isn’t currently supported out of box in psychoJS - I think I want to say “web sockets” (but I am afraid that is all I know!)