Implement BIOPAC MP36 into PsychoPy Joystick Experiment

Hello everybody,

is someone out there who knows how to get X and Y coordinates from the MP36 into PsychoPy? We are using an analogue Joystick that changes the voltage of the MP36 regarding to the changes in the X and Y coordinates of the joystick. This can be displayed in BIOPAC’s own AcqKnowledge Software.
We formerly used a USB-Joystick which has its own driver and was very easy to implement into PsychoPy. Now we have this analogue joystick with a much higher sample right (1000 Hz) but have to get X and Y coordinate data into PsychoPy.
Is there anyone out there who maybe has a hint on how to do that? It would be very helpful and I would be eternally grateful.

Kind regards,