Summarise Data tool

Way back in February 2020, just before running studies online became a priority, I’d finally got around to working on a data summary tool. Last week I finally went back to it and the beta version is ready for testing.

It only runs offline and currently assumes that each participant is in a different data file. You can select CSV data files, then your DVs and repeated measures IVs. I usually calculate the mean value for key_resp.corr (or Score) and then the median value for key_resp.rt (or RT) for correct responses (Score = 1) only. The summary data file will ignore values which are identical across all participants and start/stop component times.

If this sounds like it’s nearly what you want then have a go, and please let me know if you find any bugs (highly likely at this stage), unexpected behaviour (means and medians aren’t guaranteed) or obvious extra functions that you’d like to see (such as more control over which variables are saved and the ability to select which variables are nested within the repeated measures or filtered with Score = 1.