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Suddenly not able to push files to pavlovia

macOS Catalina 10.15.4
PsychoPy 2020 1.3

I have been syncing psychopy experiments to pavlovia for most of April with no problem; however, this week I am not able to add a new experiment on pavlovia. When I press the sync button in the builder and give the project a name, “synchronising” and “pushing files” appears but then I get the multi-colour spinning circle and PsychoPy stops responding.

The experiment shows up in the git hub repository and in the pavlovia experiments tab but will not run - the url does not appear in pavlovia.

I tried creating an SHH key for the email address that is connected to my pavlovia account as this came up on the git hub site, but this has not resolved the problem.

Is there anything that has changed recently that might be contributing to this problem? Any ideas for trouble shooting?