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Stuck at initialising the experiment on pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I am trying to pilot my experiment on pavlovia but can’t move on from initializing page.
And this is what I seen in the console tab.

My knowledge about coding is minimal, so please help me out.

As the error message shows, this is a syntax error. It means that there is something wrong with the format of the code. This could happen if you have a code component, but there are potentially many other causes as well. This particular error means that there is an extra “{” at line 145. Unfortunately, probably only superman can help you further since your repository is private. You can ask a friend who knows js to take a look if you don’t want to make your experiment public.

I changed my repository setting to public.
I’ve looked through some topics other people who experience similar problem, and the actual problem seems to be other the ‘{’… which I don’t know what.

Line 145 and 182 are imports for psychopy, which does not apply to psychojs and creates the syntax errors. Please try to get rid of them and see what happens.

Thanks to you, I got the import syntax problem sorted out. Now, I am stuck with how to use getKeys property, which I guess should be dealt in another topic. Thank you!

Unable to get property ‘getKeys’ of undefined or null reference

event needs to be defined for event.getKeys() to work, i.e. event=psychoJS.eventManager;