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Creating a text input field with Psycho Py 1.90.1

WIN 10
PSY 1.90.1
Standard Standalone
I am trying to create an experiment where we present multiple text stimulus that are randomized and then later on present other text stimuli that ask them for two responses in two separate text boxes.
The main problem I am having is figuring out how to insert text box responses that correspond to each text stimuli. I don’t see an option that allows me to insert a text box and when I looked on youtube for a program, the code that created a text box was only specifically for Psycho Py version 1.80.06.
I could not figure out how to change the code for the 1.80.06 to put it into the current updated version and am having trouble figuring out how to create one at all that works with the current version.
Specifically I want to know if there is a way to create a text box field in the current version of Psycho Py 1.90.1 and if so how to get multiple text boxes to correspond to a certain stimuli.

For the timebeing, we still need to “handcraft” text entry, although an update for text input is being thought through at the moment.

It’s har to see how that would be the case. Show us the code you are trying to use, and what problems you are experiencing, and I’m sure it can be gotten to work.

But in the interim, perhaps you should first search this forum for similar issues, eg:

Sorry should’ve searched first then asked. The code that I was referring to for 1.80.06 was provided by jcanterbury and he uploaded it to

Wasn’t sure how to edit it for the new psycho py version

Figured it out

Hello j3rrin, i’m having a similar issue using the code shown by the jcanterbury video. Have you been able to use space or backspace to show or delete the words the participant types into the computer onscreen?

I have not been able to and I think it may have to do with the differences in data types. The code to

elif theseKeys[i] == 'backspace':
        inputText = inputText[:-1]  # lose the final character
        i = i + 1

may not work because inoutText is a list, not an array. But I am not sure. How did you figure it out?