Stratified allocation of participants to two different conditions

PsychoPy (v2022 1.3)
Standard Standalone

Hi everyone!

Currently, I have a dot probe task with an active and placebo condition. In the exp_info box I have the following fields (default values): IQ (‘under_80’, ‘over_80’), Gender (‘Male’, ‘Female’), GDS (‘under_13’, ‘over_13’).

I would like for participants to be allocated to either condition based on these inputs. The idea is to have a relatively equal distribution of each “group” in both conditions.

I don’t currently have this data as I’ll ideally be gathering it on the day of the first session, inputting these answers, and letting the program automatically allocate.

Is this possible? Happy to provide more info if needed!

Edit: also should add that I don’t know how many participants I’m going to recruit yet. This will perhaps be where a lot of my issues are coming from.