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Stopping a Rating Scale Based on a Keyboard Response

OS: OS X El Capitan
PsychoPy version: 1.82.01
Standard Standalone?: (y?)
What are you trying to achieve?:

I am trying to build a task that involves components (an image of a ball) to be continually added to the screen within a routine. Each time a new ball appears, the participant has to make a rating (using a new rating scale) and decide whether they know the answer or want to see another ball (using keyboard responses). Right now, I am able to make a second ball appear when I choose the option of wanting to see another ball by telling the new image component to: start → condition → $Decision3.keys == ‘3’.

At this same time (when I press ‘3’ for the keyboard response component titled Decision3), I want the first rating scale to disappear.

Bonus question: I also want to create a keyboard response component titled Decision4 that is also a keyboard press ‘3’ that starts when Decision3.keys == ‘3’, in order to indicate that the participant wants yet another ball to be shown. So far, nothing is happening when I put that information in the start line of the component, but I admit I have been troubleshooting the first problem much more!

What did you try to make it work?:

First, I tried to enter $Decision3.keys == ‘3’ in the stop → condition under the basic tab of the rating scale properties:

When this did not work, I tested all of the other ways to make it stop (duration, time, frame) to see if they would work to check if it was an issue with the code. None of the other options worked to make the rating scale disappear at the specified stop point.

I started searching for other options and saw that a few other people were having issues similar to mine, but wanting it to disappear at a certain time. Most feedback was to use the custom tab under rating scale properties. This helped me make it look more like what I had in my head, so thank you everyone!! I was able to make it work that it disappeared after a certain time point (and I know how to make it disappear once a decision is made, but this is not what I am hoping for). However, I could not figure out how to make it stop due to another conditional action.

My custom ‘code’ looks like:

low = 0,
high = 10,
precision = 1,
labels = ['100% more Blue', '50%', '100% more Red'],
scale = None,
marker = 'triangle',
singleClick = True,
pos = [0, -0.62],
stretch = 2.5,
textSize = 0.6,
showAccept = False,
mouseOnly = True

So currently, I am trying to figure out what I can add to make the rater disappear once I press a ‘3’.
*And likewise what I can do that will let me use a new keyboard response component that uses the key ‘3’ to continue adding balls.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
No error occurred. The rating scale just does not go away when I ask it to :frowning:

Thank you so much for any help you can provide,