Standalone Win32 for v1.84.0 doesn't include pygame

My experiment that used pygame* for presenting sound runs fine in v1.83.04 but fails in v1.84.0 telling me to install an audio library. In case anybody else runs into this problem, I resolved it by copying over the pygame directory from v1.83.04’s C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy2\Lib\site-packages directory into the same directory for v1.84.0.

Is this a packaging error or has pygame support been deprecated?

  • pyo isn’t usable for me because I need it for voicekey functionality, in which case PsychoPy will crash with an obscure error if the audio library preference isn’t set to just [‘pygame’]

Ah, sorry about that. I had to recreate the build package for win32 and obviously forgot (I haven’t used pygame in a logn time). I’ll add it next time

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ok, thanks! Good to know I didn’t simply screw up something in my experiment code :relaxed:

Dear @jon,
It seems Standalone PsychoPy 1.84.2 win32 also doesn’t include pygame!
Could you explain how I can install pygame? I’m quite a newbie with all of this… I use the builder view and am inexperienced in programming…

Thank you!!

P.S.: The problem I have is a windows error that pythonw.exe has stopped working, see this thread: If you can also contribute to this original issue, that would also be much appreciated!

And this is where I got the idea that changing the order in the Psychopy preferences to chose pygame over pyo could maybe help…: Do you think it might work in this situation?